Physical fatigue due to poor posture, repetitive movements and bad office ergonomics are a common problems experienced in the working environment. RSI, Carpel tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulder  and migraines can all result from muscle tension if  not addressed.

We offer a deeply therapeutic and energising seated massage treatment that will help to combat these complaints, by implementing a regular massage visit to your office, you will not only be giving your staff a treat but  positively enhancing their general wellbeing at work, reducing stress and boosting morale within the team.

Seated massage

This massage is performed in a specially designed chair which is ergonomic in design.  A combination of Acupressure & Indian head techniques are used to soothe and restore aching muscles and also to help calm the nervous system. Specific points on the back, shoulders ,arms, neck & head are stimulated to increase circulation and release any tension stored in the muscles. The Indian head massage will soothe mental tension and restore clarity. The massage is performed through the clothes and no oil is used making this therapy ideal for any workplace. Little space is required as the chair is compact, a small meeting room or even a corner of the office would be sufficient.

We provide 15 or 20 minute treatments.

If you would like to experience the treatments and see how we can make a difference to your working environment then why not book a trial today!

Free trial of 2 hours

Minimum 3 hour booking of 9 people

£10.50 for 15 minutes

£14 for 20 minutes

Cash and card payments accepted

Having this service on site has had an extremely positive effect on the
ambience and mood within the office. In addition; there has been a
significant decrease in absenteeism.

The sessions are extremely popular and are part of the package of staff
welfare initiatives that helped us achieve an award for the times top
100 best companies to work for this year!!

Terry Ward, Working links, Performance Manager