I have been a practicing massage therapist since 1999. I have trained in a variety of massage techniques such as Swedish, Deep tissue, Indian head , Thai foot & Pregnancy massage. I have gained vast experiece from massaging a wide range of individuals in a variety of settings.

I began my studies in Swedish Massage and went on to study health studies in 2001 with my final project being “Stress in the workplace”

Since 2005, I have specialised in seated acupressure massage within the workplace. Working in this area has taught me an invaluble lesson on how the body responds to external stressors, and how this accumulated tension if not released, can have detrimental effects on our body as a whole.

I work with each client holistically and have a client centred approach. I will do my upmost to ensure that the clients needs are met and exceeded in each and every treament. By working with the body as a whole and looking at the clients lifestyle and postural habits, I believe positive changes will naturally occur from making small adjustments to how we carry and apply ourselves.

Claire Sellwood